Mindful eating

Kategori: Mindfulness

Som intresserad av mindfulness har jag läst en del om mindful eating. Jag tycker att det verkar skrivas mer och mer om det numera också. Egentligen är det inte med komplicerat än att faktiskt vara mindful även i ätandet. 

Lite kort om vad mindful eating kan innebära (dock på engelska):

  • As you bring food to your mouth, slow down and become aware of your movements.
  • Once the food is in your mouth, clear your hands. Put silverware or remaining food down.
  • Chew this bite with your mind in laser-sharp focus on the process. Concentrate on the taste of the food and the act of eating. Don't do anything else while you're chewing. Simply chew and pay attention.
  • Keep chewing until the food is uniformly smooth. Use this consistency of the food as a signal to swallow. 
  • After you swallow, but before you bring more food to your mouth, rest for a few seconds, thereby inserting a pause into your eating.


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